Vivian Diller
Vivian Diller
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Vivian Diller, Ph.D., is a psychologist in private practice in N.Y.C. Prior to receiving her doctorate, Dr. Diller studied classical ballet and performed professionally with the Cincinnati Ballet Company. When her dance career ended, she became a Wilhelmina model, appearing in fashion magazines, national print ads and TV commercials. She studied clinical psychology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University, interned at St. Lukes/Roosevelt Hospital and completed Postdoctoral Training in Psychoanalysis at N.Y.U. 

As a psychologist, she is in full time private practice working with adults, adolescents and couples in long and short-term therapy. Dr. Diller wrote her doctoral dissertation on the psychology of the ballet dancer and problems facing young adults who age out of their careers. She published her first book, "Face It: What Women Really Feel as Their Looks Change," and has since been consulted on related topics for articles and books written by others. She is regular contributor to online blogs, including Huffington Post and Psychology Today. She serves as a consultant to health, fashion and cosmetic companies interested in promoting healthy aging and age-related products. She appears regularly on television, radio and as a guest speaker talking about psychological, family and lifestyle issues. Dr. Diller lives with her husband, Dr. John Jacobs and her three children, Jordana, Gideon and Gabriel.

Dr. Vivian Diller's articles have appeared in the following publications:

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Vivian Diller
Interview with Brand Strategy Firm—
Bad Babysitter Productions

"We interviewed Vivian about the role that self-image and vanity plays in our health decisions - she surprised us by giving us so much more insight into a wider range of issues than we ever anticipated.  She understands beauty as a multi-dimensional concept - socially, politically, and anthropologically. She truly has a deep understanding of the way our self-perceptions and feelings are shaped by the world around us, and she has the rare ability to articulate the complex web of emotions women (and men!) feel as they undergo the aging process.  She is an excellent storyteller, and her positive belief that we can adapt and thrive as we face midlife is refreshing and empowering for everyone." 
—Meg Kinney and Hal Phillips Partners, Bad Babysitter Productions
Ethnography and Brand Strategy

"Thanks Dr. Diller! Your insight was very helpful – exactly what we needed. I'll send you any notes we present on our conversation. If you don't mind, I'll also give your information to some other folks here as a "recommended" luminary for future reference."
—Marketing and Branding Consultation

"We are still smiling after our fun chat with you!  You are delightful, and our listeners have responded with great applause with your message!  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you, learning about aging with confidence, and enthusiastically excited to share in your success, as we celebrate our new career as radio hosts!"
—Nancy and Lisa
Chit Chat Cafe Live Hosts

Thank you for writing a much needed and beyond helpful book.  I originally read about "Face It" in More magazine in the April 2010 issue.  I purchased "Face It" about two months ago, finally got around to reading it and just finished it.  I felt very strongly about writing to both of you to say how much your book has helped me to change my thought process on aging and to better deal with the midlife feelings that I've been experiencing.
Your six-step process has helped me to think in depth about, "dig up" and face things that I've basically avoided thinking about.  It was just easier to ignore these feelings, excuse them away, and hide behind my masks.  The fifth step, "Mastering Adolescence at Midlife," was a revelation.  I didn't realize how much my adolescence was tied in with midlife.  I had a lot of ah ha moments.  Once I understand something or why it happens, it's easier for me to accept it and move on.  Your process has helped me to do just that.
I am 50 years old and I feel more confident and at ease about the aging process.  I've always taken care of myself and loved trying beauty products.  I don't try as many as I used to, as I've found what really works.  It is so true that if you feel good about yourself on the inside, then it will show on the outside.  Real beauty is coming to terms with and accepting the aging process. 
Thank you again for your timely and much appreciated book.  Best wishes for your continued success,
—Donna Prezant, Eastchester, NY (in Westchester County)

"It was wonderful speaking to you today.  You provided us with some incredible insight, and your perspective has made our research richer and more meaningful."
—Jonah Fay Huvitz
Consumer Dynamics

"I praise Dr. Vivian Diller for her book Face It!; a realistic look at the challenges women confront regarding their beauty. Dr. Vivian Diller gives a fresh new perspective on the aging process. I found especially insightful her analysis of cosmetic surgery and the women’s psyche. I have taken these insights to guide me in developing my documentary. Thank you Dr. Vivian Diller for writing Face It! It’s not just a book but a staple for all women."
—Cordelia Donovan, Producer/Director
Suck My Fat...The Truth About Ladies And Lipsuction!

"It was very interesting meeting you, and all the information you gathered from your experience is extremely relevant for this research. This point you are adding is indeed very important, and is confirming some of my intuition. I'm looking forward to start reading your book on my travel back. Many thanks again for sharing your experience."
—Emilie Gassion: Market Research for Estee Lauder